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From: Alex Southworth
Monday, 9:31 AM January 30th 2021

Dear Friend,

I want you to know that if you're looking to rapidly grow your business, this could be the most exciting message you read today. 

My name is Alex Southworth. I'm 33 years old, tall and skinny, kinda nerdy but people tell me I have a good personality. And as you can see, this is not the stuff you hear about action heroes!

Yet, business owners always tell me that my consultations are mind-blowing for their business. Even when these business have worked with all kinds of marketing consultants in the past.

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The truth is that sexy websites and the size of your marketing budget have little to do with the kind of sales volume your company will see if certain pieces to the puzzle are not put together yet. Rather it has more to do with knowing how these pieces work together.

There is really just one thing all businesses need from a consultant like me, and sadly most marketers are afraid to admit to businesses that they don't know how to offer it. I'll tell you what it is in a minute, first let me tell you how I accidentally figured it out.

Way back in 2013, I was working 40 hours per week as a salesman until my life collapsed one day and I had to radically transform my livelihood in order to make up for the fact that the company I was working for was shut down by the FTC overnight.

Job loss. Break up. No insurance. No retirement. No savings. I could hardly look myself in the mirror. In complete panic mode, I had no other option but to push harder into my side business, but I didn't know how to break out of the rut I was in let alone how to grow my online business. 

Then something amazing happened... I figured out a little marketing trick. It was through this little trick that I discovered a creative new way to sell my own product online (it was actually just a side hustle at the time and was only generating about $100 per month in sales). 

Long story short... I went on to grow this product into a 7 figure business in less than a year, which became the launching pad for my success. 

I've since launched and grown several of my own online businesses and actually discovered my passion for marketing strategy and helping other entrepreneurs grow their ideas. 

I invite you to enter your information below to get started with a free strategy session with me because I'd like to share some fresh ideas on what you can do to improve your approach to marketing. 

I will help you improve marketing through the latest marketing strategies that are taking over the internet circa 2021.



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